Hottest brands killing it at influencer marketing


Over the past few years, brands have found success by relaxing their guidelines and having more fun with the influencers they hire to promote their products — allowing those creators to take creative control over the way sponsored content appears.

In this article, Business Insider recognize the leading brands in influencer marketing based on which have the most innovative and effective campaigns. [continue reading…]


Business Insider / 2020




Chipotle has worked with a variety of influencers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.
In July, the company partnered with the YouTube star Brent Rivera (11 million subscribers) and the TikTok star Loren Gray (38 million followers) for a “guac song dance-off on TikTok.”



The subscription-based meal-kit-delivery company HelloFresh, which was founded in 2011, has grown brand awareness online by collaborating with top creators on YouTube.
Typically, HelloFresh sends an influencer it is working with a weekly meal kit, and the creator includes footage of them cooking the kit and showcasing their meal in a timed integration.




Audible, a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment such as audiobooks, pioneered the YouTube influencer-marketing trend, first working with podcast influencers in 2006 and then YouTube creators in 2012.
The company tracks the success of an influencer campaign by using a special code and can then track that code to see how many purchasers the campaign drew




After DIY slime took over social media, the craft-supply company Elmer’s partnered with digital-content creators to complete “slime challenges” for marketing campaigns.